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disburse v : pay out [syn: pay out]

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From desbourser (modern: débourser).



  1. To pay out; to expend - usually from a public fund or treasury.


to pay out
  • Finnish: maksaa, suorittaa maksu, antaa raha

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administer, budget, cost, cost out, deal, deal out, dispense, disperse, dispose, distribute, dole, dole out, expend, fork out, give, give out, go through, incur costs, invest, issue, lay, lay out, measure out, mete, mete out, open the purse, outlay, parcel out, partition, pass around, pay, pay out, portion out, put out, run through, schedule, shell out, sink money in, spend, splurge, spoon out, squander, throw money around
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